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5-6" Axolotl 5-6" Axolotl 5-6" Axolotl

5-6" Axolotl

Mexican Walking Fish

Ambystoma mexicanum

**It is ILLEGAL to keep Axolotls in Maine, New Jersey, California and Virginia and as such, we are unable to sell/ship to those states.**

Available animals are 5-6"+ unsexed juveniles, priced individually. Hatched 4/30-5/2/20 from GFP melanoid (f) x high iridiphore wild (m), with intact toes and gills. Eating frozen bloodworms. earthworms and pellet trained.

Both are Melanoid.

What are they REALLY like? Curious and fascinating... able to regenerate limbs. Not as difficult to keep or keep cool as you might think. They eat a LOT and spend most of their time chillaxing. And while they don't actively hunt, I haven't met one yet that won't snack on smaller tankmates occasionally.

It is the buyer's sole responsibility to provide optimal care to maintain animals correctly. We offer troubleshooting support, advice and (conditional) rehoming service for all eggs, hatchlings and juvenile Axolotls sold.

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