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Dwarf African Frogs (12 Count)

Dwarf African Frogs (12 Count)

Hymenochirus boettgeri

These little aquatic acrobats will bring many hours of joy to the person who has them in their tank. They are active and fearless and they are characters every bit as big as Kermit himself. And, if you are really lucky, you will get to hear the males courting the females! Generally, they stay in their tanks, but they have been known to play Spiderman and climb out – so a lid is a must. They are not very picky eaters – but they do like a lot of protein in their diet. Frozen and freeze dried foods are best. Ours get frozen bloodworms as they aren’t in the shop long enough to need more! Easy to ship, easy to care for – if you want something fun, look no further!

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