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Terms of Use

Get Gills LLC (“Get Gills”) is a limited liability corporation located in the state of Wyoming.

  1. Currently only users and sellers in the United States are supported.
  2. Get Gills provides a service, not a product.
    1. Get Gills provides a virtual marketplace where buyers and sellers interface in order to perform their own private transactions.
    2. Get Gills provides space for sellers to create a virtual store from which to sell live aquarium fish, aquarium supplies, and items directly related to the aquarium hobby.
    3. Get Gills provides buyers with a space in which to browse individual sellers’ items and to purchase said items in private transactions between the buyer and the seller.
    4. Get Gills does not sell any items or own any of the items listed for sale through its services.
    5. Orders of less than one dollar will be rounded up to meet our one dollar minimum.
  3. Get Gills strives to create a positive market space. Honest and civil discourse is expected at all times, even during disputes between Buyers and Sellers. Users of Get Gills' services must keep communication regarding any transaction civil, even during disagreements.
  4. Buyers are urged to conduct their purchases in a responsible way which sustains the aquarium hobby over the long term.
    1. It is the buyers responsibility to abide by all laws which are in effect in the location where the buyer will have ownership of any item.
    2. Buyer is responsible for knowing which items are legal to purchase and/or own.
    3. Buyer accepts sole accountability for making any illegal purchase.
    4. Buyers agree to educate themselves about any live organism they plan to purchase and to make sure they have an adequate habitat established for such organisms before they purchase any living thing through Get Gills.
    5. Buyers agree that they will never release any captive live organism into the wild.
  5. In cases where purchased items cross state, provincial, or national borders requiring importation, Buyer accepts responsibility for the import and becomes the de facto import agent for said item.
  6. Buyers must be of age to enter into legally binding contract and to accept any liabilities associated with any transactions made through the services Get Gills offers. Therefore, no user of Get Gills services may be under the age of 18 years old.
  7. No user of Get Gills services may violate any law, violate anyone’s privacy, violate any copyright, violate any patent, violate any party’s intellectual property, or participate in any unsafe activity and/or transaction.
  8. This is a safe space which openly accepts people of all races, ethnicities, creeds, genders, sexual preferences, political views, and life experiences.
    1. No offensive language or images, pornographic or otherwise, may be posted or used in any post.
    2. This is not the place to express divisive political, religious, or secular views.
    3. No hate language or language discriminating against any group of people (due to race, religion, sexual orientation, or otherwise) is permitted.
  9. Get Gills does not get involved in disputes between Buyers and Sellers. By using the Get Gills website and services you agree to release Get Gills, including any current or future affiliates and subsidiaries, and our and their respective officers, directors, employees, and agents, from any claims, demands, or damages which have occured, which are occuring, or which may occur in the future.
    1. Buyers and Sellers are urged to communicate in a civil tone to resolve disputes.
    2. The Get Gills transaction rating system is meant to keep the site self regulating. Buyers and Sellers are encouraged to use it.
    3. Transaction ratings must be executed and finalized within 60 days of any given transaction.
    4. Buyers and Sellers are urged to try and resolve any issues on any transaction before a low transaction rating is given.
  10. Get Gills website and other services are provided “as-is” without condition or warranty.
    1. Get Gills website and/or other services are not liable for damages resulting from any use of our website and/or other services or from any damages resulting from any visit to our website and/or other services.
  11. Get Gills may contact any user of its website and/or services using any information provided by said user.
  12. Get Gills may review any communications sent from the site at anytime.
  13. Get Gills may provide users of its services with each other’s information and is released from any liability or damages resulting from the release of such information.
  14. Get Gills uses cookies and tracks data for research, fraud prevention, and marketing purposes. This includes google analytics, more detail may be found here.
  15. Get Gills reserves the right to refuse service to anyone at any time for the violation of any of these terms and conditions.
    1. Get Gills does not ever waive this right and has no policing responsibility concerning any user’s adherence to these terms of use.
    2. Get Gills can declare a violation of these terms and conditions at any time.
  16. Get Gills reserves the right to remove any account or any item, posting, or content at any time and at its own discretion.
  17. Get Gills reserves the right to modify these terms and conditions at any time and for any reason.