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Location: Pennsylvania, United States


I am a former owner of a pet and aquarium shop with over 40 years of experience breeding animals. Presently because of limited space, we are concentrating on breeding Polar Blue and Platinum Parrot Fish, Super Red and Albino Bristle Nose Plecos. Our fish are well cared for, healthy and active. They receiving regular water changes and are fed a variety of live, frozen and high quality flake and pellet fish food. We take great care when it comes to packing and shipping our fish to assure they arrive safely to you


Pease read this before purchasing, Presently all Shipping is done Monday – Tuesday, Contact us for exceptions. Purchaser must supply complete and accurate shipping information, including a telephone number incase delivery person needs to make contact. To prevent the package from being exposed to the elements, someone must be available to receive delivery in order for us to honor a Live Arrival Guarantee. If you or your representative is not available to receive the package on the first delivery attempt, the live arrival guarantee is void. In the event of a DOA fish, purchaser must contact seller within one hour of receipt of delivery, two photos of the DOA fish are required, the first photo, the fish must still be in the original unopened plastic bag on a white background the second photo is of fish out of bag on white background, also a photo of the outside of the box to make sure it was not damaged during delivery. For DOA fish, we will refund the original purchase price of the fish only. Shipping fees are nonrefundable. Please remember we have no control over shipping once the package leaves our possession.

Ratings & Reviews

Overall Rating: 5.0/5.0

  • Rating: 5 / 5
  • Comment: Excellent business to work with! Answered all my questions promptly before ordering. Communicated well through the entire process. Fish arrived at a day and a half in shipment packaged well with heat pack and instructions! Would order again and recommend. The polar blues are gorgeous and healthy. My local fish store was double the price and I had to wait weeks to get the fish I wanted. This worked out so well!
  • Rating Date: 05/03/2023
  • Order Date: 04/30/2023
  • Buyer: Ealawton

  • Rating: 5 / 5
  • Comment: I was not sure about ordering rams online. I took the chance. I love that He will only ship on certain days to assure they wont be in the box longer then they have to. He also track them himself. He stayed in contact with me till they came to their new home. When I received them, they were alive and healthy. I wanted two females. This is the only individual that will sex Bolivian Rams that I know of. It has been two weeks, and they are still healthy. I highly recommend ordering from jsaquatics.
  • Rating Date: 08/11/2021
  • Order Date: 07/21/2021
  • Buyer: