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PK Endlers - Water Wisteria (hygrophila difformis), One Plant: $5.00

PK Endlers - Water Wisteria (hygrophila difformis), One Plant: $5.00

Water Wisteria

hygrophila difformis

PK Endlers - Water Wisteria (hygrophila difformis), One Plant. Float it - plant it! Requires low flow to grow as floating plant. Gets large (like dinner-plate large), but can be trimmed back. Great background plant - grows over a foot tall if planted. Grows "babys" when it gets large. Tolerates low light; grows like crazy in medium to high light. If floating, will also grow above the water! Fry love to hide in it. Removes toxins from water. Stems are lacey, but are not as delicate as Water Sprite. We advise letting the plant float and develop roots before planting. Water Grown, immersed and submerged. Life span: Creates new plants under the right conditions so, forever (unless you kill it)!

Raised in community tank. May contain micro-flora, fauna and snail eggs (Bladder Snail/Malaysian Trumpet Snail). Carefully dipped in a 1:20 bleach solution and then rinsed in API StressCoat+ prior to shipping. Quarantine initially for best results.

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