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PK Endlers - Assorted Platy Trio: $15.00

PK Endlers - Assorted Platy Trio: $15.00


Xiphophorus maculatus

PK Endlers - Assorted Platy Trio (1 Male +2 Females), healthy and active. Small livebearer - females are larger: 2" - 2.5" long at adult size. Fish will continue to "color up" as they grow. Very peaceful, beautiful fish. Loves to eat algae! With proper care, life span: 2-5 years. May produce fry.

Predominately orange/black/white/cream/koi in color; Body Patterns: Tuxedos, Mickey Mouse and others. We will chose platy color and body pattern for you from available livestock. Quarantine initially for best results.

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