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Gold Ram Juvie Gold Ram Juvie Gold Ram Juvie

Gold Ram Juvie

German Gold Ram

Mikrogeophagus ramirezi var. Gold

Beautiful, delicate lil beasties! Gold Rams are a color morph of the German Blue Ram (which occurs naturally as well as in line bred aquarium strains) and do not occur in nature.

Available fish are UNSEXED juvenilles averaging 1¼-1½" offspring of the Black Knights (NFS) in 3rd pic. Dominant males are just starting to be apparent, but smaller ones could be female or subordinate males... I'll do my best to get M/F pairs upon request but cannot guarantee at this size/age.

What are they REALLY like? Extremely sensitive to parameter swings and NOT recommended as beginner fish. Prefer a well established and planted tank.

Small (3-4") but mighty! Individuals and especially breeding pairs can be territorially aggressive and will nip at slow moving and/or long finned tankmates.

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