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Red Velvet Swords Sexed Pairs

Red Velvet Swords Sexed Pairs

Red Velvet Sword

Xiphophorus hellerii

These Red Velvet swords have a beautiful color, and would look great in any tank! Pictures don’t do these fish justice.

Get these few while they last!

Swordtail fish are a very popular community aquarium fish. Their popularity stems from their ease of care and peaceful nature. They have quite unique types of fins with a great variety of colors, making them commonly referred to as Red swordtails or Green swordtails. Today, they are bred to achieve various colors and, as a result, great deals of different types exist.

Swordtail fish are average size freshwater species; males are typically slightly smaller than females (6.3 inches) and they reach 5.5 inches maximum. They live in groups, but are not a schooling fish. One of the things that make them so popular is their hardiness, as they can survive in very diverse environments.

Swordtail fish are sturdy tropical fish that can tolerate a wide range of water temperatures. They should do fine in any water temperature between 65- 82⁰Fahrenheit. Even though they are adaptable and quite durable, avoid sudden and violent temperature drops in temperature, as this can harm your fish and make their immune system vulnerable.

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