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3 plants + some buttons*

Water Lettuce

Pistia stratiotes

Water Lettuce is BANNED and/or RESTRICTED in AL, CA, FL, LA, MS, SC, TX and WI so we cannot sell or ship to these States.

What is it REALLY like?

Same plant as Dwarf Water Lettuce, but grown in conditions more conducive to reaching it's full potential (6-10" across). Plants available are 3-4" across, with 6-10" roots.

Main/central roots are brittle and require extra space in packing to avoid damage during shipping. Roots shed and regrow their fine hairs every few weeks (varies based on conditions)... EASILY damaged by overhanding . Leaves will melt away without adequate light.

Needs HIGH light to be kept successfully indoors. Prefers LOW current.

Multiplies QUICKLY, from even a single leaf (*buttons)!

EXCELLENT natural spawning mop, fry nursery and food for Koi, Goldfish and aquatic turtles... naturally high in oxalates (bind calcium and limit vitamin D uptake) so feed sparingly.

MAY CONTAIN snail eggs, algae and/or Duckweed at no extra charge : )

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