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Trio Jack Dempseys

Jack Dempsey

Rocio ostofasciata

A species of cichlid long a favorite of South American Cichlid enthusiasts. Native in Southern Mexico to Honduras, and invasive in similar climates. Typical SA Cichlid, semi aggressive behaviors seen with like tank mates and fry. Lifespan in an aquarium is typically 8-10 years. These young Dempseys are nearing 8 months old. I am not yet able to sex them. They range in size from 2-4 inches, and are sold in trios only. They were spawned in my care, by a two year old parent/pet named Cobalt and a younger male Beau. They enjoy flakes, pellets, granules, and frozen foods. Their incredible color bears witness to their high quality diet. They will hand feed when they become familiar with you. Personable, fun to watch, and definitely a pet fish.

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