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Small Trident and regular Java Fern on Black Lava Rock

Most of these rocks have multiple plants attached. I try to attach babies and larger to each rock to ensure a nice full bushy growth!

Mixed species of Java Fern attached to 1" + lava rock rubble. Extremely easy to grow plants, minimal light and feeding requirements. They can get very large over time, They can get quite large, regular pruning may be required and can be beneficial to the plants health!

Lava rock is an amazing addition to any aquarium. It is an extremely porous material that has vast amounts of surface area for beneficial bacteria to grow and can help balance water quality!

This Lava rock is coming from established aquariums and is already housing beneficial bacteria that can help new aquariums with the nitrogen cycle and help existing aquariums with Ammonia and Nitrites. While the Java Fern can help with the Nitrates!

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