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Santa Maria Endler - Pair

Santa Maria Endler (Bleeding Heart Endler)

Poecilia wingei

“Santa Maria Bleeding Heart” is a cross of the species Poecilia reticulata and P. wingei, and is attributed to the Japanese breeder Kenichiro Tamura. These are offspring from three pairs from Dan Hodnett's line, which he recently spent two years refining and bringing back up to original standards. In addition, my Endlers have longer, swallow tails, or double swords, if you prefer. Males and females are actively breeding and produce 35-70 tiny fry every month. True Santa Marias are rare in the hobby, and fish of this quality are extremely rare. Sale is limited to one pair per buyer. Fry will be included, as available. These fish are fed high quality frozen, flake, and pellet foods. They take food readily from the top, water column, and bottom of the tank. Everyone enjoys First Bites and frozen baby brine shrimp. They are kept with cherry shrimp, bristle nose plecos, and long fin Corydora catfish. Guppy grass provides excellent cover for the fry, which are grown out with the adults. Predation by the adults is very rare. Due to my soft water, crushed coral is kept in the tanks, and a pH of 7.2 is optimal. Shipping is done in direct relation to the weather, and at my discretion. Gorgeous, hardy, and rare, these are a must have for any serious collector or breeder.

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