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Male Triple/Quad Red Cacatuoides

Cockatoo, Orange Flash

Apistogramma Cacatuoides

The cockatoo dwarf is one of the best suited cichlid species for the planted aquarium. But because the male is highly territorial, the fish should be kept in pairs, trios (one male with two females), or harems (one male with many females), and in the company of peaceful tank mates like tetras. In the case of very large Aquariums, more males can be kept together, provided there is plenty of territory, such as wood, heavy planting, and caves. Females also can be highly territorial, not only when in brood care.

Water conditions should be maintained in the pH 6.5-pH 8.0 range. These are one of the few South American Dwarf Cichlids that can tolerate alkaline water.

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