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Medium Freshwater Mangrove (avg 18in)

Red Mangrove

Rhizophora Mangle

Red Mangrove are amazing plants when it comes to water and soil(in our case substrate) quality. They send out tiny hair roots to help hold substrates together and keep them from being blown around from strong currents. They help with managing nitrates and utilizing naturally occurring mulm to grow. They do want a good strong light. They are a type of tree, so they want to grow tall. They want a fair amount of food/nutrients. They like some flow, but don't need it to thrive, it does help their roots grow stronger to hold them in place. I keep them in several tanks and will post the equipment and fertilizers I use below. If you have any questions please don't hesitate to reach out and I'll help how ever I can!

Light: 5500 Kelvin Led Shoplight

Temps: 65-83

Flow: anywhere from 0 - 600gph

Tanks: Smallest 3 gallon vase, no flow

Largest 40 Gallon Breeder, around 400gph

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