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Bandit Cichlid

Guianacara sphenozona

A peaceful cichlid that does not get too big, these are an ideal addition to a peaceful community aquarium with appropriate sized tank mates.

Personality wise, these have a reputation as being very peaceful...more or less the same temperament of your average Geophagus. They are hardy, easy to feed, and are thriving in my aquariums at temps in the mid-70's.

This species usually grows to around 4" or so in aquariums, although large males can get to 6" in very large aquariums. The fish currently for sale are about 1.5" to 2.5", give or take a bit.

This fish is sold in the hobby as Guianacara geayi, but that is probably incorrect. According to an article by Wayne S. Leibel, they are most likely sphenozona. The fish in this genus all look similar, so it is sometimes hard to know exactly which species one has, but most of them seem to be sphenozona.

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