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Apistogramma macmasteri

I finally have a consensus on the ID...these are Macmasteri!!! - 10/29/2019

These are amazing dwarf cichlids...hardy and colorful, but we are not exactly sure what they are. Here's the story. They were sent to me as Agassizii double red. However, their tail shape was wrong for Agassizii, so I asked a group of Apisto geeks for an ID. They ID'd them as Borellii, which I thought as well. So, I made a video for YouTube featuring them as Borellii. Then, a true Apisto expert, a dude who writes articles on the identification of these fish, ID'd them as something from the Macmasteri complex...perhaps Hongsloi. Bottom line is they are definitely from the Macmasteri complex, but we are not sure exactly which fish they are yet. Once we know, we'll let you know! UPDATE 10/29/2019 Turns out these have been confirmed as Macmasteri.

Whey are doing great! They are young fish at about 1.25" tip-to-tip (give or take a bit) and they still have a lot of coloring up to do.

These fish are sold unsexed.

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