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Redtail Splitfin Juveniles

Redtail Splitfin goodeid

Xenotoca doadrioi, San Marcos

Xenotoca doadrioi is easy to keep. I recommend starting with a group of at least six fish in a 10 to 20-gallon long tank. A gregarious fish, a larger starter colony is preferred as it diffuses aggression by spreading it amongst a number of fish. The species has a reputation for being fin nippers although I have not observed this in my tank. I keep them with live plants. Live plants offer many benefits for the health of the aquarium, including hides for fry and to break up lines of site (some fish may become stressed if unable to hide).

Goodeids, in general, prefer cooler water, so temperatures of 60F to 75F work well. It is not necessary to heat the aquarium unless needed to maintain temperature stability.

Species only tanks are recommended due to the rarity of the fish. I keep bristle nose plecos (Ancistrus sp.) and have observed no issues. A prolific fish and peaceful fish, the starter group can be allowed to grow into a nice sized colony as they thrive large groups!

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