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Please See Item Description about Tails

Colomesus asellus

We have had these for over 2 months. They are usually very skinny when they arrive and it takes quite a bit of time and care to purge them of parasites and fatten them up. They are now fattened up and ready for your aquariums. However, when they came in, their tails were severely damaged. They are healthy, and their tails have grown back quite a bit, but it will still take some time before their tails grow back completely.

Peaceful. That is the first thing that comes to mind when I think of this fish. The second thing that comes to mind: Fresh Water. Unlike most puffers, this species can be kept together in groups and with other community fish. And they can be kept in fresh water for their entire life. This makes them, along with Tetradon schoutedeni, a delightful anomaly in the world of small-ish puffers.

If you have never kept a puffer long-term before, please do your research prior to purchasing this fish. They require a meaty diet and need shelled foods, such as snails, in order to keep their beaks trimmed down. Mine also love chasing scuds around the tank. They will also eat frozen bloodworms for variety and most livefoods.

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