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Blueberry Tetra

Blueberry Tetra

Hyphessobrycon wadai

Natural Range: Rio Tapajos basin, Brazil

Source: Tank Bred and Raised

Estimated Size at Shipping: 1”

Max Size: 1.25”, give or take a bit.

Offering Sexed Fish / Pairs: Sold Unsexed

Overview: A fairly new tetra, these absolute stunners were described in 2016. Once they settle in, they boast a bright blue iridescent body with red on the caudal, andal and adipose fins, along with a bit of red in the dorsal fin. They are peaceful, don’t get large, and look amazing in a group.

Setup Considerations: These are easy and will do fine at normal aquarium parameters. Although plants are not necessary, these look stunning in a nicely planted aquarium.

Specific Care Requirements: Like most tetras, this fish will appreciate being in a group...the bigger the better. In a good sized group, their color is brighter and their behavior is much more interesting.

Diet: Peaceful Omnivore, will eat standard aquarium foods.

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