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Panda Apisto, Pair (1M1F) Panda Apisto, Pair (1M1F) Panda Apisto, Pair (1M1F)

Panda Apisto, Pair (1M1F)

Hobbyist Bred and Raised in Europe

Apistogramma panduro

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Natural Range: Rio Ucayali drainage, northern Peru

Source: Hobbyist Bred and Raised in Europe

Estimated size at shipping: 1-1.5"

Max Size: around 2-2.5"

Sold as: Pair (1M1F)


Apistogramma are relatively peaceful, dwarf cichlids from South America known for their amazing colors. Several species have been line bred for even more color and have multiple color morphs. They are great centerpiece fish for smaller aquariums.

Setup Considerations:

Apistos are do well in planted tanks. They really appreciate caves and will gladly make them their territory. If keeping them in groups, line of site blocks are a great way to establish boundaries for territories.


Apistos are omnivores and do well on a varied diet. Most aren't picky so flakes and pellets work well. Live/frozen foods should be supplemented as well for best health and color.

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