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Guppy Grass 8 oz portion (1 cup) Guppy Grass 8 oz portion (1 cup) Guppy Grass 8 oz portion (1 cup) Guppy Grass 8 oz portion (1 cup)

Guppy Grass 8 oz portion (1 cup)

Guppy Grass

Najas guadalupensis

Live Guppy Grass

one large handful - enough to loosely fill an 8oz container (without damaging the stems).

An excellent plant for beginners and for low tech systems. It can be grown floating\drifting or “rooted”. It will grow very fast when rooted in any gravel or substrate. It has small green leaves and thin frequently forking stems. It can be propagated easily by trimming or breaking off some stems and replanting them (or just allowing them to float).

Guppy Grass is excellent in breeding and shrimp tanks; Its loose volume provides good hiding for fry and babies and the fast growth does well in reducing nitrates.

*Note on pests*: I remove bladder snails and duckweed any time I see them in my fish room. They should not be present on any plants I ship (or own). But be it weeks or months between sightings they seem to show up unexpectedly. I recommend you rinse and inspect any plants (including these) before placing in your tank as an extra preventative measure.

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Home > Live Plants > Floaters