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L066 King Tiger Pleco

Hypancistrus sp.

Natural Range: Lower Xingu River, Brazil

Source: Tank Bred and Raised

Estimated Size at Shipping: 2”-2.5”

Max Size: 4.5” - 6”

Offering Sexed Fish / Pairs: Sold Unsexed

Overview: Unfortunately, this fish’s habitat is getting wiped out by the construction of a large dam in Brazil. Fortunately, there are several aquarium populations which are being bred. Hopefully, these aquarium breeding efforts will be enough to preserve the species. They are easy to keep and are a wonderful addition to our aquariums, so we are hopeful they stay around for a long time.

Setup Considerations: Although it is not necessary to keep them, these fish appreciate high water flow.

Specific Care Requirements: Each fish will need a cave or other hiding space. While peaceful towards community fish, they can be somewhat aggressive to each other.

Diet: Rasping Carnivore: Unlike some plecos, these fish are carnivores. They need some vegetable matter in their diet, but meaty pellets, wafers, Repashy, and frozen foods should make up the bulk of their diet. They are not dedicated wood eaters, but may appreciate a piece of driftwood to graze on, especially when young.

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