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Florida Flag Fish

American Flag Fish

Jordanella floridae

Florida flagfish are a hardy native fish found in Florida and select areas of the south eastern united states. Males develop gorgeous color in a pattern that resembles the American Flag. Females maintain a black spot on the back of their dorsal fin. They have a rounded body shape and can reach upwards of 2.5-3" in length. They can withstand cooler temperatures and can be kept without a heater at room temperature. Excellent algae eater, especially hair algae types. Males can become feisty, breeding can be achieved in the aquarium. Fish will be about 1".

Florida Flag Fish

Scientific Name: Jordanella floridae

Diet: Omnivore (algae, flake, pellets, not picky)

Difficulty: Easy to Moderate

Min Tank Size (in gallons): 20g

pH Range: 6.5-8.0

Temperature Range: 65-85

Max Size (in inches): 2.5-3"

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