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Melting Pot Guppies 2pair + 1 female + fry

Mutt Guppies

Included is 2 males and 3 females  and a few fry along with them.  

This is a very popular item .  You never know exactly what your going to get .   The fish are scooped up from a large tank which contains many varieties of guppy males and females.  They are allowed to breed freely and believe me, they do just that.   The tank contains numerous fry at any given time.  

The tanks original occupants were Red tux koi guppies , gold guppies, gold fire guppies, red endlers, black bar endlers, blue Hawian Moscow guppies,  along with a few other odds and ends.   What's in the tank now is a few generations later.  Because of the diverse gene pool, the population is incredibly strong and healthy.   And wildly diverse.   I often throw in a few new fish just to keep it exciting.

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