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Panda Garra

Garra flavatra

Natural Range: Endemic to western Myanmar

Source: Tank Bred and Born

Estimated Size at Shipping: 0.75”-1”

Max Size: 3.5”

Offering Sexed Fish / Pairs: Sold Unsexed

Overview: A very good algae eater and perhaps the most attractive of the Garra genus, these fish sport orange on the fins and yellow bands on the body which contrast nicely with its dark brown base color. These fish have been commercially bred for the aquarium industry since 2008.

Setup Considerations: While they appreciate water flow and will play in the current produced by filters and power heads, the streams they were collected in are seasonal. During the dry season, their habitat is slow flowing and rather warm. During the rainy season, the water flows rapidly and is cooler. Therefore, they can take a wide range of water conditions and are quite hardy.

Specific Care Requirements: Generally peaceful to other species, but can be somewhat aggressive towards conspecifics. Cichlid rules apply: One or a group in order to disperse conspecific aggression.

Diet: Omnivore: Contrary to popular belief, these fish aren’t vegetarians. They are excellent algae eaters, and they do relish zucchini and other veggies, but they also need a hearty amount of protein in their diet. Rotating feedings of veggie based foods with protein rich foods is recommended.

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