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African Butterfly Cichlid

Anomalochromis thomasi

Beautiful. Peaceful. Hardy. Colorful, And they don't grow too big (around 3" max). These are from West Africa, so they don't have the (often) rough attitude and water chemistry requirements of the cichlids from Lake Malawi, Tanganyika, Victoria, etc.

If you are new to cichlids, this species is a great one to start with. Unless they are spawning, they aren't territorial. They are gregarious and do best in least until they pair off. Even then, they are not as aggressive as most cichlids.

These are young fish and are eating well on flakes, pellets, frozen foods, live foods and Repashy. They are easy to feed and eagerly eat everything and are currently in the 1" - 1.25" size range...give or take a bit.

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