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Orange Saddle Sumo Loach II Orange Saddle Sumo Loach II

Orange Saddle Sumo Loach II

Schistura cf. balteata

Estimated size at shipping: 1.5"

Max Size: around 2.5-3"

Sold as: Unsexed


Currently, this is my favorite fish to feed. When I lift the lid, they all come scurrying in anticipation of food. When I drop a wafer of sinking food to the bottom, they conduct the "rugby scrum" and pile onto the food. This behavior, combined with their neat colors and patterns, make this one of my favorite loaches.

This is a highly adaptable fish. During the wet season, they live in torrential hill streams with clean, highly oxygenated water. During the dry season, they can be found in isolated, stagnant pools. This adaptability makes this a very hardy species.

These active fish are best kept in large groups. Their group antics are delightful to watch.

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