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Aequidens Rivulatus “Green Terror" 1.5"

Aquarium bred and raised

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Aequidens rivulatus “Green Terror”, is a very colorful and showy fish and easy to care for cichlid. This fish gets quite large up to 12” and requires a large aquarium over time. The fish is somewhat deep-bodied, possessing a prominent forehead and bright red edging on the caudal fin. Adult males develop a pronounced forehead hump. Juveniles are tan colored with silver-blue flecks and lack the bright iridescent blue, green, and orange coloration and long, flowing fins of adult specimens. The males get larger and brighter than females. These are captive bred and will accept a variety of foods.

This is a fish that's considered a good beginner's cichlid. However, like other cichlids it will become territorial, especially toward con-specifics, during spawning.

Will do well in some planted aquarium, but will forage and dig through the substrate looking for food. It is not known to be a predator, but it will eat small fish if the opportunity arises. This fish should be kept with fish, such as Oscars, Severums, Geophagus, larger tetras and other larger fish.

Aquarium bred and raised

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