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Orange Sakura Shrimp 0.5"

Orange Sakura Shrimp 0.5"

Aquarium bred and raised

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Orange Sakura Shrimp are bright orange peal color and sometime when they are comfortable settle in their aquarium, they can look like candy corn candy or road cone orange. The orange color is solid throughout their body and legs. Maintaining their orange color is a tricky balance of light intensity, nutrition and stress free habitat. They readily eat prepared foods and like foraging in an established tank.

All Neocardinia shrimp are easy to care for and will breed easily. They require an aquarium with a dark substrate and a lot of plants and to feel comfortable (Dark sand and dark gravel are ideal) The addition of carotene pigments in their food is recommended. They will spend their time hanging out on plants and forage through the substrate to feed. They are a nice addition to any small aquarium composed of small non-aggressive nano fish.

The ideal condition are temperatures between 70 F and 85 F, Ph between 6.5 and 8.5. Carbonate Hardness (KH) below 8 grains. The KH is particularly important, Neocardinia shrimp do not do well with high carbonate levels in the water, KH will increase with the addition of crushed coral shells or dolomite as a substrate. High carbonate levels will cause shrimp die off over time because it prevents them from molting. General Hardness (GH) between 10 to 20 grains is recommended.

Aquarium bred and raised

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