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Location: Pennsylvania, United States


Tropical Fish Hobbyists / Breeders

located in Mechanicsburg, PA

specialize in


as well as in other Livebearers,

Corys, Plecos, and Invertebrates.

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If you have any questions

please feel free to message us.

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We ship on Mondays ONLY!

Usually, USPS Express Mail, shipping and handling are $60, and Priority Mail, shipping and handling are $25. In case of any DOA [dead on arrival],

YOU must send 2 CLEAR PICTURES of the fish/livestock (EXTRA ... included do not qualify for D.O.A. claims) in the original unopened bag to;, no later than two hours after delivery according to USPS time on FIRST ATTEMPT, or our Live Guarantee will be canceled! We can resend the replacement (if we have it available) for the cost of the shipping, or refund the amount of the money that you paid for the fish - D.O.A ONLY. Shipping costs will not be refunded under any circumstance. We are not responsible for any delays or weather that causes late shipments as they are out of our control.

NOTE: Once fish is added to your aquarium, we are not responsible for sudden deaths or illnesses. We ship healthy fish, once they are in your system, their continued good health is your responsibility.

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