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Location: NE, United States


Hobbyist-bred fish and plants direct to you. We DO NOT ship internationally, USA only




1. I try to keep prices to a minimum. Unfortunately Usps continues to perform badly so I’m only offering dry goods through them. UPS has been pretty reliable and 2nd day air is fairly affordable to most areas. I will no longer be offering a DOA policy using anything but 2nd day or next day air. I will still ship using UPS 3 day but you assume all risk involved.

2. I recycle everything possible. That means you might get your order in an Amazon box with not-so-neat styrofoam I cut myself from other packing materials. I haven’t had any issues with mortality doing things this way, and it keeps stuff out of the landfill. It just doesn’t look as “pretty” as folks that use nice 8x8x6 boxes.

3. I pack using Prime to cut ammonia buildup and pure O2 for better longevity. DOAs must be photographed (videos preferred) in bag within 2 hours of delivery for reimbursement or replacement. If a package was sitting on your porch in the sun for 4 hours I can’t be held responsible for your order being cooked. Neither can I be held responsible for delays beyond 24 hours.

4. All reimbursements or replacements will NOT include shipping fees. If you choose to replace the items you will need to pay shipping again.

5. Heat or cold packs are included at my discretion.

6. When shipping shrimp, an additional 2-3 will be added in case of DOA.

7. I have a chronic illness that can flare without warning. This may rarely affect my ability to get orders out during a particular week but i am usually able to get them out the following week. I will notify you if I need to move your shipment date. Full refund is available if you cannot wait or have flexibility. Thank you for your understanding.

8. Shipping fees on this site are the MAXIMUM you will pay. If shipping winds up costing less than you paid, I will refund the difference.

Ratings & Reviews

Overall Rating: 3.67/5.0

  • Rating: 5 / 5
  • Comment: The L-183's look Perfect and came in good condition and packaging. Thank You.
  • Rating Date: 08/08/2023
  • Order Date: 07/02/2023
  • Buyer: adrian12349

  • Rating: 5 / 5
  • Comment: Overall positive experience along with the fish arriving in great condition for overnight shipping.
  • Rating Date: 06/07/2023
  • Order Date: 05/30/2023
  • Buyer: speedyfolyphe

  • Rating: 1 / 5
  • Comment: water lettuce arrived in a ball of rotten, decaying,yellowing leaves, no roots were present may get 2 or 3 plants out of the 50 ordered Im no expert but there has to be a better way to ship these plants
  • Rating Date: 01/09/2023
  • Order Date: 01/02/2023
  • Buyer: