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Flowerhorn Supply is dedicated to the Flowerhorn hobbyist, offering high qualitylive fish, food, & accessories


Please read carefully before purchasing:

Flowerhorn Supply aims to provide the very best quality Flowerhorn at the very best possible prices, shipped directly to your door. Unlike receiving a regular parcel, some extra care and planning must be taken to ensure the safe arrival of your fish. We have strict policies and procedures for shipping live fish. Please read the Policy & Procedures carefully and familiarize yourself with what may happen and what is required of you to make this process as smooth and as safe as possible.

When having fish shipped to you, it is important to plan accordingly, we do everything on our end to ensure your fish arrive in good health and with as little stress (to them) as possible. On your end, please ensure that the fish is properly dealt with and released into your tank in a timely manner. This minimizes stress and risk to the fish. Always follow safe release practices (e.g.: floating bags to stabilize temperature to avoid shock. etc.)

In case of receiving dead fish in its original packaging, it is important that you notify us immediately. There are things you need to do in this instance, as there are procedures for claiming that need to be strictly followed. We cannot offer any guarantee on fish once they have been released into your tank. There are simply too many factors beyond our control that can and/or may cause fish deaths in a new or existing aquarium.

Terms & Conditions for purchase of Live Fish:

1. All guarantees only extend to cover livestock, shipping charges are not refundable under any circumstance.

2. Returns will not be accepted under any circumstances.

3. Were serve the right to cancel or delay live fish orders for any reason. Reasons may include(but not limited to): (1) extreme temperatures posing risk to the welfare of fish during transit, (2) condition or health of fish deemed unacceptable for transport.

4. In the event of D.O.A. (Death On Arrival) fish will not be resent, instead a full refund or credit (not including shipping), will be issued in accordance with our D.O.A. policy, if all of the criteria is met.

Procedures to Qualify for D.O.A. Policy:

(Failure to follow these producers will void the D.O.A. Credit/Refund)

1. Owner must be home when fish arrive. Fish returned to the depot or left unattended will void the D.O.A. Credit/Refund.

2. Fish must be shipped to a physical address. Any inaccurate or wrong addresses will void the D.O.A. Credit/Refund.

3. A photo of the D.O.A. fish in the original, unopened bag with the signature tape seal completely intact must be taken and emailed to us within 1 hour of delivery. Individual D.O.A. images (once un-bagged) must also be taken and emailed to us.

4. The email must be submitted to us within 1 hour of receiving the shipment. This email must contain all relevant information. Relevant info to include: order number, approx. time received, number of bags affected, QTY off fish D.O.A., images of both fish in the bag (before opening) and individual images of fish once un-bagged.

Other things to consider before receiving your fish:

* Ensure that you have enough room in your tank. (We recommend a dedicated tank of a min. 40 gallons)

* Ensure your tank is fully cycled. (If tank is newly set-up and has not cycled, we recommend using Tetra Safe Start at the time your new fish is added to the tank)

* Ensure your new fish will be compatible with tank mates (i.e. any existing fish you have--- both in species, habitat requirements, temperament, and size). It is highly recommended for the Flowerhorn be kept separate from other fish and have a dedicated tank to themselves.

* Ensure your water parameters are suitable for your new fish and that the habitat and temperature are suitable for the species you wish to introduce. (Recommend water temp: 82-86 degrees, PH: 7.2-7.8)

* Do not feed your new fish for 24-hrs, they need time to settle in and feel at home, feeding too soon poses a risk to their health and may upset your water quality.

* Don’t be alarmed if upon arrival, your fish look pale, have deflated KOK’s, have torn/frayed fins, are lethargic/timid/shy, won’t eat, this is completely normal behavior. They should return to full color and vibrancy after settling in to their new home, which could take anywhere from 1 day – 1 month depending on the fish and stress endured during shipping.

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