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Location: MI, United States


'Working to create a sustainable hobby.'

We are just starting to populate our Store...Check Back Often for Updates! The Products we sell are products we use in our facility. On livestock, we strive to sell only what we aqua-culture within our facility, we do at times offer our imported breeder stock, (it will be labeled as such).

We currently maintain/run about 1300 gallons of freshwater, concentrating on breeding freshwater fish, Inverts, and the reproduction of plant species for the trade.


We ship only to the Continental United States at this time.

At ExstreamAquatix we take the care and well being of our livestock very seriously. We properly prep, (fast the fish), and pack them with the utmost care. We have shipped livestock very successfully for many years. We ship Livestock on Mondays or Tuesdays only as this gives us ample time to prep the livestock for shipping. We will always put the health of our livestock as a top priority, (we will not ship the week of a Major Holiday or Bad Weather). In the rare event of a shipping problem or death we will take every effort to make things right. This will require you to send a photo of dead fish still in the bag within Two Hours of receiving your shipment. This is only to protect us, as we have been taken advantage of in the past. We will provide a Tracking Number to you via email when item is shipped.


At ExstreamAquatix we take the care and wellbeing of all livestock very seriously, and we stress education! If you have any questions regarding the care, maintenance, or breeding of any of the livestock we offer, we will be happy to try and answer your questions. The disclaimer is, every tank and hobbyist is different, what works well in one environment may not be suitable to all environments. It is your responsibility as a responsible hobbyist to fully research the species you want to keep, before acquiring it. Utilize this knowledge to have a stable/suitable/fully cycled environment ready to receive the livestock when it’s delivered. When livestock is delivered it needs to be introduced to this environment as quickly as possible, leaving livestock in shipping bags any longer than necessary simply increases the stress on them.

'Working to create a sustainable hobby.'

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Overall Rating: 5.0/5.0

  • Rating: 5 / 5
  • Comment: Order was received alive and well. Great communication and included some extras for the trying out. Great experience, highly recommend.
  • Rating Date: 06/13/2019
  • Order Date: 06/04/2019
  • Buyer: Billydick3

  • Rating: 5 / 5
  • Comment: Great Fish, Sent extras. Great person to buy from.
  • Rating Date: 06/05/2019
  • Order Date: 05/16/2019
  • Buyer:

  • Rating: 5 / 5
  • Comment: Fish were packed and shipped with great care. All fish arrived in healthy condition and are swimming happily in their new homes. This seller responds to email in a timely and friendly manner. Beautiful fish!
  • Rating Date: 11/28/2018
  • Order Date: 11/09/2018
  • Buyer:

  • Rating: 5 / 5
  • Comment: Shrimp looked great well taken care of. Very easy to work with. Quick professional service. Will definitely buy from again.
  • Rating Date: 11/05/2018
  • Order Date: 11/03/2018
  • Buyer: Tmonje