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Location: GA, United States


At DHC Aquatics, we strive for best quality of service and care for our fish and customers. We currently specialize in fresh water fish. The fish for sale in store here are bred in our own tanks and have been fed high quality food, with no use of hormones or un-natural additives.

We welcome your review and feedback. Please feel free to send us any questions or comments. You may contact us at We hope you find joy with our high quality fish as much as we do.



It is our responsibility to select healthy fish, properly prepare purchased fish for shipping, pack and ship according to best practices before we send them to our customers.


In order to have the best experience, we consider it our customers' responsibility to educate themselves how to care for and handle the type of fish purchased, have an appropriate, stable environment ready for the fish prior to arrival, transfer the fish from the shipping package to their new home promptly upon arrival.

DOA Policy: if there are any DOA (Dead on Arrival), do not open the bag, take pictures in the unopened bag, and send these pictures via email to within 2 hours of receipt of shipment.

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