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Location: United States

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Dealer Number: RFD-65547

I am a Florida native who has always been a “water baby”. Growing up, I had a fascination with swimming and fish. I loved to swim in my aunt’s pond with the fish, and could spend hours watching my home aquarium. My family always had at least one fish tank, lots of other critters as well. As I got older, I started snorkeling, free diving, and kayaking frequently. Observing fish in their natural habitats was incredible! Fish have been a mainstay in my life, all kinds; freshwater, saltwater, big ones, small ones, ponds, etc! I have been breeding reptiles for a long time now and decided that I missed having aquariums! So after some down sizing on the reptiles, I have added quite a few fish species to my collection. I’ve always loved bettas so it was no surprise that was the first fish I purchased after many years! I have around 300 bettas currently (a lot of babies), and several other fish species I’m hoping to successfully spawn in the near future!

We are currently in the process of setting up our new fish room, which will hold around 1,000g of water total. I’m looking forward to working with new species and hopefully helping to offset the amount of wild collection in the name of conservation! We love having the privilege to keep fish in captivity, but there is nothing like observing fish in their natural habitat and we would like to keep them there as much as possible. Responsible breeding and education is key and we strive to help everyone along the way!

Once we are established, and making consistent sales, I will be donating a portion of every sale to a conservation of my choice.



Payment must be made before any fish can be claimed or before any fish is shipped. Payment is excepted via PayPal Goods and Services only at this time. Please make sure to take any shipping costs that may be necessary into consideration before inquiring about a fish.


Shipping is available at buyer's cost. I offer a few options for shipping, so please read through before you decide. Weather will determine when your fish can be shipped. I ship Monday-Wednesday only.

Everything is Flat Rate:

USPS- $8 up to 4 fish

$15 up to 10 fish

I do NOT offer live arrival guarantee on fish going USPS. Use at your own risk.

UPS 2nd Day- $30 up to 10 fish

UPS Priority Overnight- $55 up to 10 fish

UPS Ground (no live arrival guarantee)- $20 up to 10 fish

Live arrival is guaranteed on 2nd day and Priority Overnight.

FedEx 2nd Day- $30 up to 10 fish

FedEx Priority Overnight- $55 up to 10 fish

FedEx Ground (live arrival guarantee in the state of Florida, otherwise no live arrival- $20 up to 10 fish

Live arrival is guaranteed on 2nd day and Priority Overnight.

If you would like an exact shipping estimate, please message me with your zip code and number of fish.

Live Arrival Guarantee:

I do offer LAG on my fish, unless mentioned above in the shipping section. If weather does not permit me to ship, fish will be withheld until it is safe. If weather is less than ideal, but still in safe ranges, I will ask the package be held at a local hub for me to honor LAG. If you have a shipping issue, or DOA (dead on arrival) I need to be notified with pictures in unopened bags within an hour of delivery for LAG to be honored.

I do not offer a guarantee on fish after they are in your care/aquarium. I can tell you all water conditions prior to purchase to make sure your aquarium is similar. I am willing to help you out and work with you within reason, but I will need proof of water parameters and very detailed information about the aquarium your fish is/was in.

I am NOT responsible for lack of knowledge/research on a species. I will answer any questions you may have prior to purchase, but I cannot guarantee how a fish will act in your aquarium or how your fish will act with them. Please DO YOUR RESEARCH before purchasing, I am here to help. Just ask! 😉

If you have any questions, comments, or concerns, please email me at or message me here!

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  • Rating: 5 / 5
  • Comment: Excellent communication with seller. Fish arrived in excellent condition
  • Rating Date: 03/07/2019
  • Order Date: 03/01/2019
  • Buyer: dougm114