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White Worm Starter Culture White Worm Starter Culture

White Worm Starter Culture

These white worms are kept at 65-68 degrees on our basement floor and have been doing great. They readily eat misted fish flakes and don't require a ton of maintenance.

A starter culture is a sandwich bag portion of worms that is used to set up a culture, meaning you provide the container, substrate, etc. Our "complete set ups" are all ready for you to put in your fish room and care for.

White worm care guide

Regular or warm strain this applies to both. The only difference between the two is warm white worms are adapted to warm climates, meaning room temperature. Regular white worms are kept much cooler, such as a basement floor.


Container long but doesn’t have to be too tall

Substrate- Organic potting soil, organic coco fibers, or peat moss

Fish Flakes

Starter culture

Take your container and poke holes in the lid, then cover the holes with breathable material such as a paper towel with tape around the perimeter.

Add 1-3 inches of substrate into the container, add your starter culture in the middle

Optional : For easy harvesting, get plastic canvas and cut two pieces. Add one over your starter culture, then add fish flakes, then add the other piece of plastic canvas. Then the worms will be attached to the top piece and you can dip that piece into your tank. Or dip into a cup of tank water and divide the worm amongst your tanks

After 1-2 months you have to reculture. So start feeding off to one side of the container for 1 week until all the worms transition to that side. Then take out half the dirt on the side your worms are not. Replace with new substrate and move the worms over to the new dirt, replacing the old. Repeat every month or two.

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