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Micro worm starter cuture Micro worm starter cuture

Micro worm starter cuture

Micro worms

Small easy to keep worms for baby fish.

Microworm, Banana worms, and Walter worm care guide.

The difference between the three is size. Microworms grow to be 1/10 of an inch while the other two get 1/16 of an inch big. All kept the same.


Container - Height is more important than length

Medium - Oats or instant mashed potatoes made with water only

Starter culture

Optional yeast (for increased reproducing)

Poke small holes in the lid of the container

Add 1-3 inches of your medium/substrate

Add starter culture and yeast

To Harvest;

The worms crawl up the sides of the container, use your finger or a cotton swab to add the worms to your tank.


Every month or two you have to reculture your culture (When your culture starts to smell bad or oatmeal gets black with mold). Same as setting one up but you don’t have to buy a starter culture, just take a few scoops out of the old culture and add it to the new one. Once the new culture is producing, then toss the old one.

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