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Least Killifish (1 Male/2 Female TRIO)

Least Killifish

Heterandria Formosa

Heterandria formosa (Lest killifish) aka the smallest livebearer in the world are a hardy native fish found in Florida and select areas of the south eastern united states. Females can get just over an inch and are slightly more round than their smaller and more slender male counterparts. They can withstand cooler temperatures and can be kept without a heater at room temperature. Peaceful fish that does well in a calm community or planted tank

Least Killifish

Scientific Name: Heterandria Formosa

Diet: Omnivore (flake, pellets, not picky)

Difficulty: Easy

Min Tank Size (in gallons): 5g

pH Range: 6.5-8.0

Temperature Range: 65-85

Max Size (in inches): 1-1.5"

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