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Location: United States

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Hi there!

- All fish are bred by me, a backyard breeder in NC.

- All fish should have been through at least 1 culling(heath) before putting them on the site.

- Most are fish that i can't use in my breeding program for whatever reason. Hopefully you can put them to good use in your program/project.

- What i have in stock now may not be in stock in the future. Stock will be base on my ideal or project at the time.


Health Above All Else

Quality over Quantity

Perfect Conformation

Welcome to the family

Welcome to WhitecloudDynasty


Shipping :

USPS Med 3day - 20$ -Cover Box, Bag, Styrofoam..ect

- All order will be shipped the following Monday or Tuesday, unless something comes up.

- No return and no shipping refund

- In case of DOA

-ill need a clear photo of fish in unopen bag within

2 hour of delivery.

- I dont normally add any heat pack due to being coldwater fish. Cooler/coldwater hold more DO and slow the fish metabolism, less poop, less oxygen use. As long as the water doesnt freeze im not worry. My breeder over winter outside here when im out of space just fine.

Any question do ask.

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  • Rating: 5 / 5
  • Comment: Super happy with the fish I got from WhiteCloud Dynasty. Great communication, great fish, all around a great experience!
  • Rating Date: 12/08/2020
  • Order Date: 12/01/2020
  • Buyer: h.c.aqua