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I'm a saltwater enthusiast. I've been in the saltwater hobby for almost 6 years. I have a large colony of Briarium SP (a Branching form of Star Polyps). I also have "Toxic Green" fuzzy discosomas, Watermelon striped discosomas,

I am located in southern California in the coastal area between Mission Viejo and Laguna Hills. I regularly post images on my instagram account which you can find @theloneaquarist.

All my corals and anemones are kept in tanks that only have fish that have gone through 72 day quarantine with prophylactic treatments with Copper as well as de-worming through the use of General Cure. The corals I have for sale are from my own colonies. No fish have been added to my systems in over 2 years.

Happy Reefing.



Briarium species can be shipped USPS priority. All other corals or inverts need to be shipped overnight.

I only ship out on Mondays or Tuesdays.

I need to know the temperature of the destination in order to determine if a heatpack is required or a cold pack.

Inverts such as anemones or mushrooms will be shipped in their own water. A frag plug or rock rubble may be attached. Do not remove this on an invert and allow the invert to dislodge their foot on their own.

Corals should be dipped, before introducing into your system. I do not have pests that are considered display killers but I do have amphipods, mini-stars, and possible bristle worms --- these are important fauna for a living ecosystem and not harmful to any animals, but if you desire to rid yourself of these creatures then a dip is suggested.

Do not dip inverts.

All inverts must be drip acclimated to your system slowly in order to help them acclimate to your salinity, chemistry, particularly pH.

If something happens during shipment or if a shipment is lost please let me know. I will credit or reship animals.

DOA policy: Please email me @ your DOA request within one hour of delivery. Pictures of the packaging and the animal in the bag must be included; Video is even better. A full refund would be made. We can also make arrangements to ship a replacement order to you.

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