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Welcome to TX Fish Factory, LLC's Get Gills store!

I'm very excited to list my products on this site, and look forward to sending you all the best possible livestock and products possible.

A little background on our company: I got into the aquarium hobby around 8 or so years ago. Once I set-up my first aquarium, I was hooked. As a way to expand my hobby, I began to breed fish but didn't have a great way or platform to sell them. Now, I not only breed select species myself, but I also bring in fish from wholesale sources across the United States.

All of my fish go through a minimum 1 week quarantine period, which includes a variety of preventative medications meant to nip any problematic diseases in the bud from the get-go. If the fish aren't up to my standards at the end of this period, I hold them until they are thriving.

TX Fish Factory also carries a select assortment of dry-goods, which is expanding as I find products that I believe in. The only products offered on my store's page are those that I use in my own fish room and feel comfortable standing behind.

Please let me know if you have any questions! My email is You can check out my Facebook page, @TXFISHFACTORY, and Youtube channel,


Shipping and DOA Policy

• All orders are shipped on Mondays, Tuesdays, or Wednesdays each week, excluding holidays and when foreseeable weather delays are expected. We hold all orders 48 hours prior to shipping them, as I like to adequately prep the fish for shipment to ensure they arrive at your door healthy and thriving.

o If an order is placed on Saturday, it will ship on the following Monday. Orders placed on Sunday will ship on Tuesdays. Orders placed on Monday will ship Wednesday. Orders placed Tuesday-Friday will ship the following Monday.

• Fish will be packaged in a Styrofoam-lined box with heat packs when the weather requires it.

• In the rare event of a DOA, please send a photo of the unopened fish bag, any pertinent shipping information, and your order number to Please be present to receive your package! Otherwise, we are unable to issue refunds for packages that were not properly received. (IE left outside.) Also, please be aware that we will send the package to the address listed at checkout. PLEASE CONFIRM THE DELIVERY ADDRESS WHEN THE ORDER CONFIRMATION IS RECEIVED. If the information is incorrect, send a quick email to, and we will make sure the package is sent to the correct location.

• I give customers a few options in the event of a DOA depending on my current stock.

o Refund of the purchase price of the livestock. This does not include shipping costs.

o Store credit to purchase other products.

o The customer has the option to request replacement livestock. If the customer chooses this option, the customer will be responsible for paying the shipping costs of the replacement livestock. However, this option is dependent on current stock levels for the desired species.

• There are multiple shipping options to choose from. I reserve the right to alter these depending on weather conditions at both the origin location and destination location. In the case I decide altering the shipping method is appropriate to preserve the health of the fish, an email will be sent to the email address on file. If you would rather a phone call, please leave that in the comments when the order is placed. Also, please note that DOA claims will only be honored if the livestock where shipped either overnight or 2nd Day Air.


• How do I know the fish I buy from you are healthy?

o Some of the species listed on the website are bred in-house. In which case, they are fed a varied diet appropriate for the species and are constantly observed for health and genetic issues. The species that are not bred in-house are sourced from reputable wholesalers. After they arrive at our facility, the fish are placed in quarantine tanks, where they are monitored for 1-3 weeks while simultaneously receiving prophylactic medications to treat common fish diseases, fungal infections, bacterial infections, and internal and external parasites.

• Why buy from TX Fish Factory when I can buy from local pet stores?

o I 100% support local, independently-owned brick and mortal fish stores. If you have one of these stores nearby that can meet your fish-keeping needs, provides great customer care, and has healthy livestock, please support them.

o TX Fish Factory was created to serve customers who, like myself, do not have access to independently-owned fish stores with healthy livestock and good customer service, as I live in a rural area with only a big box chain store nearby.

o When I can, I purchase fish from local breeders and buy the highest-quality brood stock possible for species I breed in-house. This ensures that the fish meet a genetic standard that is much higher than what you will find coming out of mass production operations, meaning they are hardier and less prone to genetic defects.

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