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Location: NH, United States


Pk Endlers is a nano fish farm in Milford, New Hampshire, New England, USA. We specialize in beautiful, healthy and friendly Endlers and Staecks Livebearers, and select guppys, platys, snails, shrimp and plants. All purchases are covered by our Live Arrival and Get Gills' guarantees. Shipping: PK Endlers ships on non-holiday (US) MONDAYS by USPS Priority, to the CONTINENTAL USA ONLY. LOCAL PICK-UP in Milford, New Hampshire - by appointment only (message us!) - non-holiday Friday, Saturdays, and Sundays.



The following process must be followed EXACTLY, or the LIVE ARRIVAL GUARANTEE is null and void:

*Inspect the package for signs of damage. Take three clear, well-lit pictures of any damage to the package and EMAIL SFP.FLYMASTER@GMAIL.COM the photos to us within ONE HOUR OF DELIVERY. This includes delivery to a Post Office (PO) Box. Delivery time is defined by when the package arrives at the PO Box, NOT when you arrive to pick up the package. By submitting your pictures to Get Gills and PK Endlers, you agree the pictures may be used in a claim against the shipper in the event of any Dead on Arrival (DOA) live or plant stock.

*Open the package. Examine the UNOPENED breather bag containing your live or plant stock. If any live or plant stock appears DOA, DO NOT OPEN THE BREATHER BAG. Take three clear, well-lit pictures of the DOA live or plant stock IN THE BAG. After your living animal or plant stock have been placed in an aquarium**, discard the DOA stock appropriately. EMAIL SFP.FLYMASTER@GMAIL.COM the photos within ONE HOUR OF DELIVERY.

*Any "LIVE ARRIVAL GUARANTEE" refunds will be processed according to Get Gills and PK Endlers' Refund Policies. Message us for more information.

**Our fish are shipped in BREATHER BAGS. DO NOT FLOAT IN TANK! Open bag; carefully pour water & fish into a fish net (preferably held over a bucket, to catch the water). Place live, netted fish into your aquarium.


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