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Hello my name is Paul Introcaso and I focus on keeping Red Mangroves, along with other plants and supplies that help with water quality in freshwater aquariums! They make great additions to almost any tank. Require strong light, lots of nutrients and high to low flow(current) rate. I have a few videos out on their setup and will be putting more out about their care, if you have any questions please feel free to reach out to me via email, or


I have pictures of the tanks the plants will be coming from, but I can not guarantee any specific plant pictured or a specific size. If you would like a specific size or sizes, please let me know via email or a message on Facebook. In the case of heavy damage on arrival, broken stems, no leaves or roots, send a picture of the plant in the original bag and I will send a replacement at no cost or issue a full refund, which ever you prefer.

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