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Location: United States

Shipping Locations: United States,


Breeder and distributor of Quality Angelfish and Discus all bred and raised in regular tap water in South Florida


see our website for all terms and conditions including our Live Arrival Guarantee

Shipping & Live Arrival Guarantee

Last Modified: January 1, 2019

All livestock must be prepared for shipping. Usually a minimum of 48 hours is required as we cannot feed the fish during their preparation. If fed, they will dirty the water which will cause high ammonia levels in the shipping bags and fish will become very sick.

Shipping Charges

We use Fedex Priority Overnight or UPS next day air shipping for all livestock. Shipping prices start at $54.95* for our regular size box anywhere in the Continental USA. We also can ship to most of Canada for $99.95 (but please email us to be sure service is available to your city. Shipping for most of Florida is just $29.95.

Our shipping price includes boxes, packing and heat packs if needed. We never charge extra for any of these supplies. THERE IS A MINIMUM ORDER OF $50.00 (excluding shipping cost) for all fish orders (except pickups).

* Hawaii Shipments must furnish us with their import license and shipping is $15.00 additional (Fedex usually costs us over $20 additional)

*Shipments to Alaska will also cost $15.00 additional (we will bill this separately.

Shipping Guarantee

We guarantee delivery to the address given at the time of order. Should there be any errors in the shipping information all guarantees will be voided. Address must be valid for the carrier selected. For example, shipping to a post office box through UPS.

A non-refundable $25 interception fee will be charged for each package that requires a correction. We will use these funds to cover expenses incurred with the carrier to redirect a package while in transit. There are no guarantees that a package can be rerouted by the carrier, only that the attempt will be made.

Live Arrival Guarantee

Our guarantee can only be extended to the point of first delivery attempt. We require a photograph showing the deceased animals in their unopened shipping bags within three hours of the first delivery attempt. Failure to contact us within this time frame or when delivery is made on a second or later attempt will void all guarantees. In addition any delay in delivery beyond our control will void our guarantee (Carrier Delays and Weather delays included).

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