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At Bob's Cory Castle - WE SELL CUTE! Whether you know them as corydoras, corys, or cory cats, odds are you've admired these little catfish in the pet store at some point in your aquarium hunt. The wide eyed catfish have an adorable appearance that endears them to aquarists of all ages. The Coydoras genus currently counts 170 members with more surfacing all the time. We have been importing and breeding these fish for years so we offer tank-raised as well as wild. Their range of colors and patterns, combined with a sweet temper, makes them the perfect addition to a community tank. Whether a beginner or master aquarist, corys offer minimal difficulty. So long as you're on top of water quality, your corys will handle most situations without a problem. They'll live up to 5 years and easily bred. If you do not find them entertaining and stress-relieving then we strongly recommend seeking a mental therapist!


Live Arrival Guarantee

We guarantee that your Corydoras will arrive alive while still in our shipping bag. Your order must be accepted with carrier's FIRST delivery attempt. We don't requure a signature, however, our guarantee is void if fish are left at your front door, garage or porch. If you are not personally available to quickly begin acclimating your fish then please arrange for another responsible person to accept the fish on your behalf. We recommend that you float our bag in your aquarium for 20-30 minutes. Then open the bag in order to determine if any arrived D.O.A. In that event take 1 or 2 clear pics of the dead fish in the bag, then remove the fish from the bag and take 1 or 2 clear pics and send to me via email within TWO hours of carrier's posted delivery time. My guarantee is now fulfilled. We recommend pouring our bag wat with the Cories into a fish safe container and slowly drip acclimating them to your aquarium water for at least an hour. Shipping costs are not refunded. We will determine to either refund the cost of the fish or to re-ship a replacement.

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