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Location: United States

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Freshwater fish hobbiest with special interests in breeding rare Plecos, Corydoras, as well as smaller Cichlids. It all started with a rescue Betta and the rest was several years and many tanks ago.



It is our responsibility to select the very best stock to send to you. It is also our responsibility to properly and comfortably package and ship the fish to you. We will also provide information specific to the fish you are obtaining to help you provide the best care for them.


It is your responsibilty to provide the very best environment and ongoing care with correct specific water parameters, tank mates, filtration, etc for the fish you are receiving. It is also your responsibility to not only educate yourself about the fish you purchased, but also to have the best environment ready for your fish when you receive them.


We will always GUARANTEE your fish will arrive alive with USPS PRIORITY EXPRESS shipping. However, if they sit around after delivery for any length of time, especially in extreme temperatures their health could be compromised. You must be available to receive your fish within one hour of delivery or your GUARANTEE could be voided if your fish are deceased after that first hour. If prior to one hour of delivery any of your fish are deceased you will receive a REFUND for that fish. You must send a clear picture of the deceased fish in the unopened bag to within one hour of delivery to receive a REFUND. Please double check the shipping address you provide so there are no delays, etc.


We ship on MONDAY and TUESDAY unless one of those days falls on a major holiday or if there is extreme inclement weather either from our location or your location. Payment must be received by Friday at midnight prior to the shipment date. The fish must be prepped for several days prior which is vital and necessary for their safe delivery to you. If you missed this deadline, they will be shipped to you the following week after payment. We ship USPS PRIORITY and USPS PRIORITY EXPRESS. Our overall goal is the safe arrival and health of your fish.


The fish you will receive are very similar to the picture provided, but they are juveniles and still have some growing to do to reach their full potential. We will ONLY refund the cost of the deceased fish and/or RE-SHIP fish at no cost to you.

To request a refund or replacement of a deceased fish. Please email within one hour of delivery with clear photos of the fish in the shipping bag. Your refund will be processed within two business days.

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  • Rating: 5 / 5
  • Comment: fish are great,will order again.
  • Date: 05/22/2019
  • Order Date: 05/16/2019
  • Buyer: malger