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Welcome to my store!

I breed a large number of fish, and I import breeders, and harder to source fish. All of my fish are treated with general cure twice (3 weeks apart), erithromyacin, and ich x. You can shop with confidence knowing nothing will be introduced to your tank. But quartining new arrivals until fully recovered is always recommended. If you have an questions, or want quantities you dont see, just contact me!


Shipping is done in a styrofoam cooler in winter. Insulated boxes in the summer+ES. Heat packs are included at no charge. Live arrival guaranteed on piority mail and overnight express shipping. Express shipping is around 35 dollars more. No replacements on replacement fish. No replacments on extras. Seller not responsible for DOA claims or shipping fees related to delayed shipments. Any shipment not delivered on expected delivery day is void of the live arrival guarantee. If you do not accept this risk for priority shipping then please choose the more reliable Express option. Express Shipping may be 2 days depending on your area. This means that priorpity would be a 3 or 4 day delivery. DOA must be reported within 1 hour of carriers delivery time. Please contact me if you would like to purchase fish in quantities other than what is shown.


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