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Least Killifish 2 Trios

Heterandria formosa

Up for sale are 2 trios, 2 males & 4 females, of the smallest livebearer in the world; the least killifish.

They are very peaceful and at 1.5"max for females and 0.75" for males they are ideal for nano tanks.

They are very prolific, but unlike guppies and other livebearers, female least killifish drop 1 to 2 fry a day for up to 15 days.

These were born in my tanks and/or ponds from wild-caught fish.

Live arrival guaranteed. In case of any dead-on-arrival, a picture of the dead fish in the unopened bag must be sent within 2 hours of first delivery attempt. Live arrival guarantee does not cover shipping costs.

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