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Super Red Bristlenose Pleco, Std Fin

Super Red Bristlenose Pleco

Ancistrus cf. cirrhosus

This is a color variant of the standard bristlenose pleco. They have a solid orange across their body with very little or no black. The parents are a stunning color as shown in the pictures.

These are very hardy fish. They have done quite well in many of my tanks. They love algae, but they will eat just about anything. My staple around the fist room is Tetra Color Granules. I supplement their diet with Repashy, French cut green beans, frozen bloodworms, and algae (of course).

These young fish are 1-1/4" and up.

<b>Size:</b> 4 - 6 in

<b>Temperature:</b> 65-78°F

<b>pH:</b> 6.8-8.0

<b>TDS:</b> 200-400 ppm

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