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Gymnogeophagus balzanii

These are entirely unique! As adults, males develop a spectacular hump on their heads which look like a huge oranda wren.

These fish are subtropical and like it in the low-mid 70's F. They benefit from an even cooler winter period in the 50's - 60's. I lived in their native range in Argentina for a while, and trust me, it gets cold down there!

Like their very close relatives, the Geophagus cichlids, these fish eat by sifting food from the sand and benefit greatly from a sand substrate. They are great at keeping the bottom of the tank clean and the constant sifting of the sand through their gills keeps it looking like new. They are easy to feed, eating flakes, pellets, frozen foods, live foods, and Repashy gel foods.

The fish currently for sale are young adults.

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